Are you interested in breaking into new markets?
COMMIT can identify sales opportunities,
market structures and cooperation partners for your company.

Mona Tarrey
Project Manager

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Market analysis and market research

Precise knowledge of your target market is the most important groundwork for the extent of your exposure. This is all the more true of dynamic international markets, which require particularly careful preparation.

Be it marketing, cooperation, production systems or research, we can offer you the relevant expertise.

COMMIT will enlighten you on general issues to do with export and economic activity on the target market as well as on specific business conditions surrounding certain sectors and companies, such as mandatory certification, customs duties, upcoming large-scale projects and potential sales avenues – from the desktop and on the shop floor!

Prospect research and sales structure

COMMIT will research potential clients and business partners for you according to your input requirements – right through to your contact person!

We have an extensive network of resources to draw on in business, politics and academia, and we use both internal and external databases.

We will continue to support you with the development and expansion of your sales and marketing operations. We explore the options with you, analysing the optimum distribution channel for your product and your services, identifying trading partners and influencers, and helping with the practicalities of the roll-out.

Site location and development

COMMIT will search for potential sites for your future production facility or branch office according to your input requirements.

We will analyse suitable locations and present you with various alternatives. You can then make an informed decision on the basis of our analysis.

COMMIT will also assist you with the practical aspects involved in establishing your production base. In addition to input from legal and finance specialists, COMMIT will flank your project at your request all the way through to “turnkey delivery” with extensive consultancy and the appointment of a temporary manager with international experience.