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COMMIT provides general export packaging services and assists with complex projects involving the delivery of German systems and equipment for export to the Eurasian Economic Union and CIS countries. You too can benefit from our many years of experience in transporting German goods to these markets.

COMMIT makes sure that the processes run smoothly, both for the supplier and the importer, and guarantees the highest possible level of insurance through inclusion in the Hermes coverage.

COMMIT will take care of the following responsibilities for you:

  • Arrangements with the importer on the systems requiring delivery (specification, terms of delivery, etc.)
  • Agreement of the contractual relationships between the importer and the manufacturers
  • Application for ECA cover
  • Coordination of the documentary requirements and organisational processes for shipments between importer and manufacturers
  • Coordination of the transport logistics: monitoring of dispatch, customs clearance and delivery of the systems
  • Documentary processes and guaranteed deposit and payment of borrowed funds to the manufacturers

Successfully completed projects

COMMIT has already demonstrated its proficiency as a general exporter, having successfully and efficiently carried out projects for its customers in various sectors of industry. We will also be happy to take on further assignments as you require.

1998 – 2001

General export, credit arrangements and insurance for 10 German plant manufacturers for the construction of the timber factory “Eco-Dome” in the Russian district of Chelyabinsk

2001 – 2002

Delivery of wood processing machines to Bashkortostan under a joint Saxon and Bashkirian line of credit

2007 – 2008

PVC compound plant construction project in the district of Tula for a German company

2011 – 2014

General exporter for Ukrainian agricultural holding companies for the delivery of agricultural machinery made by German and European companies to Ukraine

2015 – 2016

General exporter for Russian companies in the food industry for the delivery of machinery and equipment made by German and European companies to Russia

2016 – 2017

General exporter of German turbine engineering systems to Bashkortostan, Russia