COMMIT is your global partner and expert for the internationalisation of your company, a successful market entry and for the handling of your export financing. With our many years of experience, particularly in the European and Central Asian countries, and a highly motivated team, we support you in your business development with a broad network and industry-specific know-how.

We help you with the targeted selection of export regions, the assessment of business opportunities for your products, the identification of suitable trading and business partners and export financing. In addition, we support you locally with the organization and implementation of export transactions and successively develop a suitable internationalization strategy with sustainable business contacts.

COMMIT was founded in Berlin in 2001 as a consulting and service company for international business development to support companies with know-how and contacts in opening up new markets. In addition to advising private companies, COMMIT also acts as a service provider for the implementation of foreign trade promotion programs for public and private clients from Germany and abroad. COMMIT provides regional and market information, helps with market entry, the realization of investment projects and the development of export business, including export financing.
COMMIT has a long-established network of local administrations, chambers of commerce, business development organizations, business associations and private implementation partners worldwide. Today, COMMIT has 12 employees in Berlin and is a strong partner in the areas of consulting, events and exports.

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Your Business in New Markets

The rail industry stands for forward-looking and sustainable mobility in rail transportation. It combines sustainability, safety and innovation through efficient rolling stock, modern signaling systems and intelligent control systems.
Railway technology
German machine and plant manufacturers are regarded as innovation leaders worldwide. The products impress with top quality, advanced technologies and customized solutions. This is where the future of industry is being shaped - precisely, efficiently and forward-looking.
Machines & Systems
German agricultural technology is revolutionizing food production worldwide. Automation, networking, data management and electrification are increasing efficiency in the field. Smart farming is ubiquitous.
Agricultural technology
The German food processing and packaging industry impresses with its high quality and diversity. It relies on environmentally friendly, animal-friendly and socially responsible increases in production, because sustainability is a decisive competitive factor.
Food industry
The German energy sector is changing. Transformation and sustainability are shaping the direction of the industry. In addition to traditional topics such as energy security and supply, the energy efficiency of buildings and products has become indispensable.
Energy & Environment
The timber industry has a long tradition in Germany. As a versatile material, wood is in great demand, e.g. in the paper and pulp, wood-based materials and sawmill industries. Wood is also used in energy production. In addition to standard machines, complex machines are also created for processing.
Wood processing
The German waste and recycling industry plays a central role in the sustainable use of resources. State-of-the-art technologies and strict environmental regulations promote the efficient disposal and recycling of waste, strengthen the circular economy and reduce environmental impacts.
Waste & Recycling
At the heart of the EU, the German transport and logistics industry is a key player in the European logistics network. With reliable freight transport, intelligent route management systems and fully digitalized warehouses, the industry is shaping the future of global mobility and supply.
Transportation & Logistics
The German construction industry is driving progress. German engineers, architects and mechanical engineers design sustainable infrastructure and modern architecture worldwide using innovative technologies. Their expertise sets standards in the global construction industry.
The German textile industry stands for outstanding quality, innovation and sustainability. State-of-the-art spinning and weaving technologies enable the production of high-quality textiles. The integration of automation and digital processes optimizes efficiency and the use of resources.

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